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Khamer Grill

Khmer Grill is a Cambodian BBQ shop that originated from the flavors of Cambodia. Khmer Grill is not your average BBQ spot. Being a long time vendor at FDR park, the flavor has not changed at all. We moved from there to the heart of Chinatown. There are varieties of meat ranging from Chicken to beef and even pork sausages. Keep in mind that all of these are on skewers which makes eating a breeze and less messy. You even have the delicate insides of a chicken. We have chicken heart and chicken gizzards. Every meat is marinated separately and differently which gives each meat its distinctive taste.It might be different than American BBQ, but if you'll give Khmer Grill a taste, we are sure it'll satisfy your taste buds.


Address : Khmer Grill LLC. 1016 Race St. Philadelphia PA, 19107


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